Issues / Focus areas may include-

    • Depression and Anxiety

    • Trauma and PTSD
    • Grief and loss
    • Couples Therapy
    • Children and Adolescents
    • Parenting Support
    • Personal Development and Life Coaching
    • Developing Leadership skills

Why Horses 

Horses’ ability to be attuned to minute aspects of body language provide clients with direct, objective feedback about their non-verbal communication and underlying emotions and mental states. 

In therapy, empathic attunement and congruence are viewed as essential components of the client / therapist relationship.  Interestingly, horses naturally possess similar qualities.  They are non-judgmental and accepting.  Horses are also congruent; they do not lie or have hidden agendas.

Benefits To Clients

People who access Equine Therapy enjoy the following benefits:

  • Social and Emotional Learning

  • Better manage Anxiety and Depression
  • Increased confidence & self esteem
  • Enhanced self-worth
  • Improve social Skills
  • Better communication skills
  • Improved ability to manage boundaries
  • Increase capacity for problem solving 
  • Improved assertiveness
  • Grater resilience 
  • Increased capacity for self-reflection