What is Equine Assisted Therapy?

Equine Assisted Therapy provides a new and innovative approach to counselling that supports clients of all ages in addressing therapeutic goals. This therapy helps clients with difficulties such as overcoming depression, to heal past trauma, anxiety, loss of a loved one, personal growth and development. Clients benefit from this powerful therapy as they interact with the horses they learn about themselves,  their relationship contact styles and the patterns in their lives.

Sessions occur in a safe and natural environment, such as a paddock, arena or round-yard with a trained and Certified EPA practitioner. There may be one or many horses participating in the session.

-Do you struggle with Anxiety or Depression?
-Have you experienced abuse or trauma and ready to take back your life?
-Are you still finding it difficult to move on after a loss of a loved one?
-Does it break your heart watching your child battle with continual worry, fear or anxiety?

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